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Don't mess with Deinocheirus by Durbed
Don't mess with Deinocheirus

A second look at Deinocheirus made me realize that it was big enough to punk a full grown Tarbosaurus and get away with it. No second class tyrannosauroid is gonna stop a 7 ton spoon-billed, big armed baby snatcher.

Also, new version of the beast. I'm not really satisfied with the previous one.

The Mighty Crocoduck by Durbed
The Mighty Crocoduck
"Behold the mighty Crocoduck, he who waddled around the Earth one hundred millions years ago. And with great pain he crawled through the mud, for he was born a giant with stumpy legs and lived in a swampy land. But one day he ventured into the river, and he rejoiced, for there was plenty of fish for him to feast on."

(Sereno 15:7)


Paleoart and another nerdy stuff
Current Residence: My basement.
Favourite genre of music: Classic rock and heavy metal.

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vasix Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is your Apatosaurus up here but I don't see any links of attribution in the article-link
Durbed Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2015
Don't worry. I'm used to this kind of stuff...
vasix Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh, alright...well just thought I'd let you know.
TheMorlock Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015  Student General Artist
Thanks for the fave. :)
orange-eyed-serpent Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
I hope you haven't stopped drawing. I really enjoy your art.
matt-baen Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2014
Terrific work! Creatures seem so vibrant and alive.
Dontknowwhattodraw94 Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for the fav :)
Exobio Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the watch!
Sketchy-raptor Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Hey, if you're not busy, I'd appreciate your opinion on matter regarding Tyrannosaurs morphology: [link]
Krookodile0553 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2013
Hey Durbed... I just recently asked Pilsator on how accurate my stylized polar Dromaeosaur was [link] He told me the wings looked as if they had Primaries when I was trying not to represent them in that fashion... Any tips on non-Avialan wings?...
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